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You'll probably see traditional art, digital art, SFM stuff, and some photos here. :3

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Nart L. Chipikal
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello there, welcome to my page. I am known in some places as Chipika123.
I'm a sophomore. I like the arts. I prefer to do traditional art, but I would also like to get better with digital art. I also take an interest in photography, and at times, I mess around in SFM.
I procrastinate a lot. And school is blah. Also, I hate laser pointers. 3:

I like lots of stuff. These are some of my current interests:
- The SCP Foundation
- Marble Hornets
- Team Fortress 2
- Ranger's Apprentice
- Star Trek

When I'm not on DA (which is quite often), I'm probably on Steam, which is where I'm most active. I like playing TF2, mostly as Pyro or Medic. I also play other games on Steam, too. Feel free to add me there!
So, uh, I take requests, feel free to ask for one. Remember to give me a full description or reference picture if you do. c:
Also, please don't post chainmail on my page. I'll hide it automatically when I see it, so you probably shouldn't post it here in the first place. :c
Alrighty then, that's about it, I'll add more onto description as time goes on, and thanks for visiting my page. c:
My DA chat (I don't even use it at all .-.):…

___________________________________ stamp by Metallikato Wikia user by DS-DNA Mirriois fan Stamp by Totallyhypnosquid Happy 2nd Aniversary on wikia chip! Stamp by Totallyhypnosquid


Painted Eye by The-Equinox-Arises
Painted Eye
I really like Of Monsters and Men. And I wanted to paint a thing. So it's the colorful meteor lady's eye from Little Talks. 
Mugcake #2 by The-Equinox-Arises
Mugcake #2
This is the second mugcake I made. It's actually part of the batter that I made for both of them, but I had to separate them into two mugs, otherwise it would overflow and that would most certainly not be good for the microwave.
These are pretty easy, you just mix all the ingredients right in the mug, separate so that the batter is no more than half the mug, and then you microwave it for a minute or two. Pretty simple. c:
Mugcake #1 by The-Equinox-Arises
Mugcake #1
So, today, I made mugcakes with the help of this book about... mugcakes. :3
I did it by myself, and I made two of them. This was the one in the larger mug, I believe. Both of them came out kinda dry.
I'm pretty sure I did all the stuff in the recipe right, but I was only able to put in a half teaspoon of vanilla extract, rather than a whole teaspoon. Oh well, there's always next time.
Taken from Petra-K-Z


[] you have dry skin.
[] you eat 1 meal. 
[] you're very weak. 
[] you hate your body.
[] you starve yourself.
[x] you have low self esteem.
[] you use laxatives.
[x] you need to be skinnier.
[] people always say you're skinny, but you think you're fat. 
[] people think you are too skinny.
Total: 2
[] your mind is all over the place. 
[] you are hyper most of the time. 
[/] you barely pay attention to anything. 
[x] you cannot cooperate with people well.
[] you seem to never sit still.
[/] you talk all the time. 
[] you need attention 24/7. 
Total: 2
[] you can act wild at times then the next day you are depressed.
[x] you are very irritable. 
[] you barely get any or no sleep.
[x] you are anti-social.
[] you have very high self esteem at times.
[] you are abusing alcohol, drugs, or sex. 
[] you have thought of/attempted suicide.
Total: 2
[] you throw up all of your food.
[] you throw it up even when you don't feel sick.
[] you have no control over how you eat.
[] you use laxatives.
[] you have overly exercised to where you almost fainted/passed out. 
[] you always say you are fat, when you aren't. 
[] people think you are way too skinny
Total: 0
[] you are a bully. 
[] you threaten other people.
[] you often find yourself in fights. 
[] you have used a weapon that could cause injury to others. 
[] you are cruel to humans and/or animals. 
[] you have raped/molested someone. 
[] you destroy property on purpose.
[/] you always lie.
[] you stay out all night.
[] you have ran away from home.
Total: 1/2
[x] you are always sad.
[/] you find no hope in your future.
[/] you find no longer excitement over the activities you used to love 
[x] you always find yourself around the house or in bed all day. 
[x] you can be/are anti-social. 
[x] you have low self esteem.
[x] everything bad that happens is always your fault. 
[] you always seem to be weak or have physical features hurt. 
[] you are failing school. 
[] you have thought of/attempted suicide. 
[] you have ran away from home.
[] hope is no longer there for you.
Total: 6
[] you have daily rituals.
[x] you have disturbing thought or thoughts you hate.
[] you have to do a certain thing until it feels right. 
[x] you have to keep things in a certain order.
[] you have harmed yourself.
[x] you are afraid you will get an STD, AIDS, or any kind of germs. 
[x] you have to check some stuff over again.
Total: 4
[] you repeatedly have flashbacks of horrible moments/memories in your life.
[] you repeatedly have dreams of horrible moments/memories in your life.
[x] you sometimes think the event will happen again.
[] you feel highly uncomfortable when remembered/remembering the event.
[x] you can be/are anti-social. 
[x] you have lost interest in the things you used to love.
[x] you have not had a lot of sleep lately.
[/] you worry about dying at an early age or dying at all.
[x] you can have angry outbursts.
[] you act younger than your age.
Total: 5 1/2
[] you often have hallucinations.
[] you have strange, unusual dreams or thoughts. 
[] you can be confused about reality and fantasy. 
[x] you think people are always staring at or talking about you.
[] you have extreme anxiety or fearfulness.
[] you have difficulty with relationships with family, friends, and opposite sex.
[/] you do not take care of your hygiene like you should. 
[x] you are very shy. 
[] you often talk to yourself. 
Total: 2 1/2
Final total: 24 1/2
[] 0-5: You're very normal.
[] 6-15: You're fine. Mkay.
[] 16-20: You might be okay.
[X] 21-30: You have problems.
[] 31-35: You have really bad problems. You might need to see a therapist. 

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Ooh, nice. That's what I was doing. c: 
Just get a cape and a beak mask thingy. I went to Target to get both of those, it usually has those in the section with stuff that changes during various holidays. 
I think SCP-049's mask looks kinda leathery or metallic, so maybe you should get some metallic paint and paint the beak mask thinly, and if you want to try to be accurate to the article picture, also thinly paint lines of wrinkly-looking places with black. 
I'll be doing this myself as well, so if you happen to follow my advice, best of luck!
The-Pyromanecer Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
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I don't use my Skype anymore. 3:
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